Tank Storage & Containment Solutions

IKM has been providing innovative storage tank solutions for over 25 years – from tank deformation & settlement surveys to bund overtopping analysis and tank foundation design. Our integrated teams have a depth of experience to help define, design, and implement safe, compliant, and cost-effective solutions.

Our teams work to EN14015, API653, API650, CIRIA C736, and EEMUA 159 standards.

Secondary & Tertiary Containment

IKM has extensive experience in the design, assessment, inspection and upgrade of secondary containment systems.  In addition to having extensive experience within regeneration, upgrades and life extension projects, we also offer a range of additional services such as:

  • Inspection of bunds and containment systems. This includes inspection and reporting in accordance with industry good practice guidance (CIRIA C736).
  • Compliance assessment of existing facilities. This includes assessing the existing performance vs the COMAH Competent Authority requirements
  • Upgrade/remediation of existing containment systems. This includes increasing height, repairing bund penetrations, specification of appropriate sealants and joints, repairing burrowing and other bund defects.
  • New build secondary containment. This includes concrete bunds, lined earth bunds, leak detection, transfer systems, drainage and remote storage solutions.
  • Tertiary containment modelling. Modelling of spills and design of upgrade mitigation measures to contain over-topping. This includes overland flow modelling.
  • Volumetric modelling. 3D surveying (or scanning) to identify ground profiles. Calculation of bund volumes for compliance checks, assessment and remediation

Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) Expertise for COMAH Compliance

Operating COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) sites comes with the responsibility to prevent or mitigate potential Major Accidents To The Environment (MATTE). Ensuring compliance with COMAH regulations necessitates the execution of an Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) following the guidance provided by the Chemical and Downstream Oil Industries Forum (CDOIF).

Our environmental consultants are well-versed in the CDOIF methodology, having provided support to numerous COMAH clients across diverse industrial sectors. We’ve successfully guided them through assessments, aligning with the ‘Environmental Risk Tolerability for COMAH Establishments’ guidance document, acknowledged as the benchmark standard by the COMAH Competent Authority.

Storage Tank Foundations & Infrastructure

Our experienced team of civil, structural, and geotechnical engineers provides a full suite of integrated engineering services to deliver compliant, safe, and value-added solutions to our clients. Typical tank storage & containment solutions IKM provide within a tank storage environment are:

  • Reinforced concrete raft foundations
  • Granular tank foundations
  • Piled tank foundations
  • Concrete ring beams and granular foundations
  • Tank holding down anchors
  • Integral leak detection systems
  • Below tank liners
  • Berm finishes
  • Assess platforms/steps
  • Tank Overhaul Support
  • Jack Foundations & Retrofit Floors
  • Pipe supports
  • Electrical control stations supports and shelters
  • Pipe racks and gantries
  • Cable ducts and culverts
  • Filter foundations and platforms
  • Pump foundations
  • Fire fighting foam tank foundations and bunding
  • Bund drainage design
  • Bund access walkways & gates
Tank Storage & Containment Solutions
Tank Storage & Containment Solutions