Storage Tank Surveys

Tank storage surveying on tank farms and operational facilities requires accurate tank data as a vital part of assurance, integrity & maintenance programmes.  Analysis of this information and sharing it across production, operations and engineering departments in a visual format is an integral part of the service IKM Surveying provide.

IKM Surveying offer a range of storage tank survey solutions working to a wide range of standards including:

  • EN 14015

  • API 653

  • API 650

  • EEMUA 159

Applications & Services

  • Radial Deflection

  • Shell Verticality

  • Tank Ovality

  • Tank Settlement

  • Bund Volume Analysis

  • Tank Deformation

  • Tank Floor Scans

  • Rim Seal Inspections

  • Tank Strapping

  • Tie-in Points

  • Tank Roof Surveys

  • Dimensional Control

Benefits of Storage Tank Surveys

storage tank survey

Rim Seal Inspection Survey

For tanks with floating roof’s, IKM can create a 3D model of the tank roof, which is then compared to the laser scanned data for the shell. The tolerances set by the rim seal manufacturer are then added to the model. We’ll move the model roof through the tank 3D model to check the tolerances throughout the tank shell, producing drawings with measured dimensions and showing allowed tolerances for seal gaps and seal compression.

storage tank survey

Tank Deformation Survey

A tank storage deformation survey provides a general overview of the tank shell condition. The intensity of the scan contours can be adjusted to suit our clients needs. Further sections can be produced where areas of concern are identified and the data can be compared to theoretical cylinder geometry or to previous scans to calculate any differentials.

storage tank survey

Tank Floor Scan Survey

3D laser scans of storage tank floors provide an accurate calculation for movement subject to loading. This reduces the likelihood of false readings and a similar principal can be used for tank foundations. This minimises the amount of time inspections take inside a confined space, and this remote method of surveying allows for greater accuracy of the readings taken on the tank floor.

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