IKM Sector & Service Capabilities

Discover our collection of brochures and capability statements showcasing our expertise in civil and structural engineering, as well as our commitment to environmental services.  Our promotional materials detail how we excel in delivering innovative solutions for a diverse range of sectors, including oil and gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, and emerging clean energy initiatives such as hydrogen.

Explore our offerings in onshore renewables, civil enabling works, and environmental services like COMAH/CDOIF, PPC Permitting and Contaminated Land. With a focus on quality and sustainability, we are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our clients and contributing to a greener, more resilient future.

Temporary Works & Demolition Consultants
Tank Storage Capabilities
OBRA for Hydrogen
Environmental Consulting - Rail Industry
Contaminated Land Consultants
PPC Permitting
IKM Chemicals Capabilities