Riverbank Erosion Remediation

IKM News • Updated February 2024

IKM’s multidisciplinary teams are adept at delivering integrated project lifecycle solutions, from options appraisal, FEED, detailed design and construction and project management support. Our teams have been onsite defining solutions for the remediation of ongoing riverbank erosion leaving two high-voltage cables exposed and vulnerable to potential strikes.

IKM provided the following services:

👉Combined topographical, utility, and bathymetric survey at the problem area

👉Preliminary ecology survey and preliminary ecological appraisal (PEA) report.

👉Desk-based geotechnical review of the likely ground conditions and development of a ground model.

👉Environmental licensing support through early consultation with Marine Regulators and the local fisheries board.

The input from all these component reports fed into the Options Report where our team identified three remedial options:

✅ Option 1: Sheet piled wall.

✅ Option 2: Mass gravity gabion wall sat on Reno mattresses.

✅ Option 3: Re-profiled geogrid reinforced riverbank faced-up with Reno mattresses to prevent future erosion.

IKM’s team is experienced in providing integrated environmental, geotechnical, engineering and surveying support to manage risk and allow our clients to make strategic and informed decisions.


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