PPC Permitting Consultants

IKM News • Updated June 2024

Ensuring compliance with Pollution Prevention Control (PPC) Permits (Scotland) and Environmental Permitting Regulations in England & Wales can be complex and time-consuming, but we’re here to help!

Our PPC Permitting Consultants specialise in:

✅ Permit Applications
✅ Variations
✅ Transfers
✅ Surrenders

Our team is dedicated to making the process smooth and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Get in touch with Amber Bush who can tailor a solution to your needs and ensure your operations run smoothly or download our capabilities brochure here:  PPC Permitting/Environmental Permitting Regulations Brochure. pollutionpreventioncontrol ppc environmentalcompliance environmentalconsulting


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