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Tanker Loading Gantry Upgrade | Civil & Structural Design, Essex UK

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tanker loading gantry upgrade

The Challenge

Shell required to upgrade the throughput of aviation fuel of their existing road tanker filling gantries to fulfill a commitment to provide an increased volume of aviation fuel to Stanstead Airport by a specified date. This resulted in an ambitious design and construction programme being proposed.

The existing loading gantries and associated buried pipework were to remain fully operational throughout the duration of the upgrades. The new and existing loading gantries were required to be fed from new overhead supply pipework.

Ground conditions were known to be poor with limited geotechnical information available within the vicinity of the works.

The Solution

IKM worked closely with the project manager, mechanical and electrical designers, Fabri Consulting, to successfully deliver an integrated design solution for the project within programme. IKM successfully delivered the civil and structural design of:

  • 20m span steel truss pipe bridge, complete with low-level transfer structure, to span existing live buried pipes and services, including reinforced concrete pad foundations
  • Reinforced concrete pump and filter plinths
  • Drainage and hardstanding reinstatement
  • Miscellaneous walkways and access structures

Due to the compressed programme, risk was carried into construction which had to be closely managed. The output from the site investigation was not known until well into construction. As such, we worked closely with our in-house geotechnical team to identify conservative but reasonable parameters for the initial design. A maintenance/monitoring strategy was also developed and agreed upon in advance to provide comfort to the client.

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