Project Description

Storage Tank Floor Deformation | Laser Scanning, UK

Project Details


tank storage floor deformation

The Challenge

IKM was approached by the client to carry out surveys on a number of storage tanks floor bases.  They wanted to determine the deformation of the floor of each tank.

The Solution

By using the Leica C10 laser scanner, IKM was able to set up the scanner inside the tank, commence the survey and then leave the tank allowing the scanner to carry out the survey. This method drastically reduces the amount of time that IKM personnel are actually inside the tank, while also limiting surveyors walking over the tank floor. This remote method of surveying the tank allows for greater accuracy in the readings taken on the tank floor.

Through careful processing of the 3D model, IKM was able to produce highly detailed section drawings through the storage tank floor showing the scanned level of the base relative to the design level. IKM also produced a plan view of the storage tank floor with elevations spaced to the customer’s specifications and a contoured plan showing the slope of the base.  This allowed a comparison of the tank geometry against EEMUA 159 acceptance criteria.

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