Project Description

Queensferry Crossing, Edinburgh United Kingdom

Project Details



Queesferry Crossing

The Challenge

The approach roads to the new Queensferry Crossing over the Firth of Forth cross a number of utilities in several locations necessitating the provision of protective structures designed and constructed by the bridge contractor. These utilities include major accident hazard pipelines which are UK strategic assets. As they have significant importance to the UK economy, they must remain fully operational for during works.

IKM was appointed by one of the pipeline operators to provide assurance and integrity services for the planning and execution of the project. Initially, this involved excavating and constructing the foundations and side walls to the new crossing structures. Approximately 300m of pipeline were affected by the permanent crossing structures and would be inaccessible following construction. As such, they were fully exposed, inspected, non-destructively tested and refurbished to as new condition. Once this was done the structures were completed by lifting on precast deck slabs.

The Solution

IKM provided engineering support relating to:

  • Third party proposals
  • Agreed methods of working
  • Excavation site supervision
  • Construction and lifting operations
  • Management of pipeline refurbishment

Risk assessments and environmental studies were carried out to inform mitigation measures and emergency response planning to potential incidents and failures. IKM also managed specialist studies to assess the effects of potential ground movements and vibration on pipeline integrity.

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