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Oil & Gas Drone Survey,  United Kingdom

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Site Impermeable Area Survey
Site Impermeable Area Survey

The Challenge

IKM was appointed by our Client to complete an impermeable area survey for a large Petrochemical site in Grangemouth. The purpose of this was to identify and measure all impermeable areas on the site which feed the site drainage network. The data collected would then be used to facilitate the SELECT stage design of the client’s new ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant).

IKM were invited to bid for these works as part of a competitive tender, in which innovative and alternative proposals were encouraged. The tender scope requested that all site areas were identified, verified, hand measured and overmarked onto existing site layout drawings. The final drawing package was required to provide: drainage system entry points, surface type, areas and boundaries.

Undertaking the scope manually over a large site would require extensive time spent onsite to identify, measure and collate all information. This would result in increased programme and HSE risks. Furthermore, working on sites of this nature is commonly subject to delays due to SIMOPS and permitting.

The Solution

Working collaboratively with our Engineering and Digital Solutions teams, our Surveying team successfully completed an aerial survey of the site.  The data was then used to create an Orthomosaic photo of the area which was accurate to within 50mm.  IKM completed the full aerial survey within two days and over a weekend to minimise disruption to site operations.

Our Engineering team then imported the high resolution photograph into AutoCAD and mapped all impermeable areas from the safety of our office. This was then overlaid onto the client’s site layout drawings and allowed accurate areas, entry points and surface types to be tabulated and presented. IKM then carried out a brief site walkover to verify the final drawing package.

Our alternative approach provided the following added value to our client:

  1. Increased quality (CAD drawings vs mark-ups) and accuracy (within 50mm vs hand measure) of deliverables.
  2. Greatly reduced site time resulting in improved safety, minimal impact on site operations and reduced programme risk (relating to potential delays).
  3. Competitive pricing – our alternative solution was delivered at an equal costing to the original scope with the above quality and safety benefits included.
  4. A high resolution, measurable site photograph was provided in addition to the required scope. We understand that our client has distributed this within their wider business. This is extremely useful for carrying out remote constructability reviews, initial risk assessments, access reviews and high level quantification.

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