Noise Monitoring PPC Permit | Livingston, Scotland


Noise Monitoring PPC Permit
Noise Monitoring PPC Permit

The Challenge

IKM has been assessing the potential impact of noise on local residents and industrial properties within the vicinity of a biotechnology plant.  Surveys are required to assess the impact of two emergency diesel-fuelled generators, two chiller units, various air conditioning units and associated plant situated around the asset’s perimeter.

The Solution

Regular noise assessments are required to satisfy the conditions of Valneva’s existing PPC permit.  For each round of monitoring, IKM undertook baseline noise measurements.  On completion of the baseline survey, noise predictive calculations (BS 4142) were undertaken to assess the potential impact on local residents and residential properties from noise levels generated on site.

It was found that noise levels produced by the industrial processes were not of sufficient magnitude to cause nuisance/disruption to the local community.

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