Project Description


Project Details


East Lothian Council

Mobile Mapping

The Challenge

IKM was appointed to capture data within North Berwick and Tranent town centres using the vehicle mounted Mobile Mapping surveying technology. Modelling of the captured data was completed so that East Lothian Council could utilise it for public consultation and engagement.

The Solution

IKM drove a total distance of 30km within a day and without the requirement for any traffic management or any disruption to the public whilst capturing the data. The data was then processed in house by the IKM Surveying team.

The 2D and 3D topographical survey information was delivered in AutoCAD along with a LOD1 model which was compatible for use in animation software. The point cloud data set was then digitized to produce a full topographical survey with an accuracy of +-2/3cm.

IKM are in early discussion with the Council about the possibility of capturing a third town centre. This will use mobile mapping, along with a drone to provide aerial images which will be processed into point cloud data, allowing both data sets to be merged into one full cloud model.

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