ITER Nuclear Test Load Assemblies | France



The Challenge

Doosan Babcock were awarded a contract to supply two test load assemblies to the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project. These assemblies, each weighing 340 tonnes, are configured to allow the qualification of tools which will be used for the assembly of the reactor magnetic confinement system, the Tokomak structure. The tools are required to position components forming the Tokomak structure to sub-millimetre precision. To achieve this the test load assemblies simulate the mass and CoG of the constituent components, therefore allowing qualification prior to assembly.

Interface points are provided replicating those present on the actual assembly tools. The scheme design, completed by Doosan Babcock, called for a post  tensioned steel-concrete composite arrangement. IKM were subsequently appointed to complete the detailed design of the assemblies.

The Solution

IKM undertook the structural analysis and design of the test load assemblies in accordance with current Eurocode provisions. The design considered both construction and functional load cases as defined by the end client. This included the design of all interface connections and a post-tensioning system used to transfer load between assembly components. Interfaces, for connection to the crane, were designed to meet the demands of test loading scenarios. This resulted in the need to design against extreme loads, some of which were of the order of 2.5MN.

In addition to completing the detailed design IKM also produced full fabrication drawings for each of the assemblies.

The total scope of services provided consisted of:

• 3D Geometric modelling
• Structural analysis
• Structural design
• Production of fabrication drawing

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