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The Challenge

IKM was appointed to undertake an environmental risk assessment for a new tank farm at an existing oil storage facility as part of a pre-construction safety report.

The site was formerly occupeid by a gasworks, which had since been demolished. Ground contamination associated with the former industrial use of the site has also been remediated. As part of the demolition process, an attenuation pond was installed by the remediation contractor to collect surface water run-off from the site. This pond had become an integral part of the site drainage network. However, due to the removal of vegetation in the vicinity of the attenuation pond, and an ageing site drainage network, the pond was on the brink of overtopping during periods of heavy or prolonged rain. This presented a risk to neighbouring commercial properties and the wider environment.

This CDOIF Environmental Risk Assessment was undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the Chemical and Downstream Oil Industries Forum (CDOIF). The new tank farm is surrounded by an estuarine habitat close to RAMSAR and SSSI environmental designated sites. An outline design had been proposed and our assessment was able to determine whether this would result in a broadly acceptable establishment risk, and whether additional mitigation was required.

The Solution

IKM undertook a review of existing drainage data and topographical survey information, followed by volumetric calculation, using specialist software, to assess the options available in terms of increasing the capacity of the existing attenuation pond.

Through consultation with site operators and the terms contractors, IKM identified the areas of weakness and developed recommendations for remediation with suitable site-won materials, providing a cost-effective and sustainable solution for the client. Using the outlined design our assessment also highlighted the requirement for the incorporation of additional features to be included in the detailed design. This provided sufficient mitigation giving a compliant solution.

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