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Buildings & Security Masterplanning
Buildings & Security Masterplanning
Buildings & Security Masterplanning
FEED+ Design - Chemical Asset Engineers
Buildings-&-Security-Masterplanning Engineering Design
FEED+ Design - Chemical Asset Engineers
FEED+ Design - Chemical Asset Engineers
Chemical Asset Engineering Design

The Challenge

Our Client is developing a Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) study for the world’s largest Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) production plant in the U.S.A. The plant will deliver a long-term supply of MMA to market with the lowest possible carbon footprint. IKM Consulting is engaged to provide Civil, Structural, Architectural and Building Services design services for:

• Master planning of the site entrance security and
• landscaping.
• Mixed-use Control and Administration building
• Security gatehouse
• Fire station
• Chemical handling building
• Stores building
• Workshop building
• Associated civil infrastructure

IKM was appointed to support the development of a design package for tendering purposes to local design and build contractors. The aim of this package was to achieve +/- 20% cost certainty for the works. As part of the design process, we were presented with the following challenges:

  • Occupied buildings are designed to withstand a range of environmental conditions and process hazards including hurricanes, tornados, seismic, blast overpressure and pool fire.
  • Occupied building designs should provide shelter-in-place and toxic gas refuge facilities.
  • The building & landscape designs should adhere to the Client’s sustainability philosophy, particularly around the health and well-being of occupants.
  • All infrastructure was required to be coordinated and aligned with the process site strategy.
  • The site is located on very soft swamp land requiring substantial earthworks.
  • The site is constrained with limited space requiring effective spatial planning and land use.

The Solution

Alongside our Architectural and Building Services partners, Wellwood Leslie and Hoare Lea, IKM collaborated with process designers to ensure that the delineation of interfaces for the project had a clear, well defined and standardised approach to design.

IKM delivered the access security and buildings scope through RIBA stages 1, 2 and 3 with partial development of stage 4 to increase cost accuracy.

The key scope of items required included:

Process, Control and Administration (PCA) Building

Due to the number of occupants and limited space, the main PCA building evolved into a 2-storey building. The main building structure and envelope were designed to be fire, blast and hurricane resistant as well as being a toxic gas refuge. The process site control room was also housed within the PCA building within a hardened core which was designed to be tornado-resistant and low response in the event of a blast event.

IKM engaged with the site operators and end users to ensure that functionality and operational efficiency were at the forefront of the building layout and configuration. This included ensuring that the control room was laid out considering industry best practice ergonomic standards.

Security Gatehouse and Site Access

Site security and access were critical aspects of the project. IKM ensured compliance with good practice US standards including adopting the Deter, Detect, Delay philosophy for managing security incidents. Our design included ballistic resistance, hostile vehicle mitigation measures, security checks and processing of visitors, perimeter fencing, CCTV and people/vehicle movement assessments.

Emergency Response Building

As the first responders to any incident onsite, it is critical that this building was designed to be fully operational post-incident. Hazards and functionality were considered through all aspects of the design including location for a speedy response, but an adequate distance from key hazards; functionality of doors in the event of a blast, and operational layout for vehicle movements and training.

Industrial Building

The design of non-occupied industrial buildings was operationally driven. These included Chemical Handling Building, Stores and Drum Store and Workshop. These buildings were designed for required trafficking, deliveries and lifting operations.


Following the client’s philosophy, the landscaping was designed to create a calming and relaxing environment for the staff to enjoy. This included sheltered fabric walkways, seating areas, water features and gardens.

The IKM project team successfully completed the FEED study to US standards while meeting the client’s operational and sustainability expectations for the project.

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