Project Description

BT Telephone Exchanges

England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Project Details


British Telecommunications Plc

BT British Telecommunications

The Challenge

IKM was commissioned to design and oversee audits at 4,600 BT telephone exchange buildings containing above ground oil storage tanks in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The audits were required to gauge each telephone exchange building’s performance against guidance criteria for avoiding high risk sites.

The Solution

IKM built a user friendly audit template for the engineers to use onsite, which comprised of a series of multiple-choice questions. A master matrix was developed to collate the information gathered during the audits & applied a score/weighting against each answer, based on its risk.  IKM Digital Solutions subsequently developed an interactive training package to help train BT Engineers on the audit process.

E-Learning Spotlight

IKM Digital Solutions developed a bespoke e-learning package for BT.  More than 3000 telephone exchange buildings needed to be audited for compliance purposes and more than 1000 people trained.  BT was looking for a simple way to provide their technicians with a visual example of an exchange which was built in 3D.  We used this model to overlay significant points of concern and areas the technicians would need to pay special attention to.  An online portal that the technicians could access from mobile technology while onsite was built and branded for BT with a simple to use reporting system for user completion status, grade and feedback on the effectiveness of the e-learning.

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