Blast Rated Field Operations Building | Grangemouth, UK


Blast Resistant Building Design
Blast Resistant Building Design
Blast Resistant Building Design

The Challenge

IKM was appointed by INEOS FPS to design a new 600mbar blast rated occupied building at the Forties Pipeline Kinneil Terminal, Grangemouth. The facility provides 700m2 of floor space including office and mess accommodation and is required to provide a shelter-in-place functionality. In addition to blast hazards, the building is also subject to toxic gas and significant thermal hazards. It was a project requirement that the protection of occupants against toxic gas hazards is maintained after a blast loading event.

The Solution

IKM completed the Blast Resistant Operations Building and fulfilled all specialist blast engineering, civil, structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical design scope for the project. As part of this, the building’s internal layout was developed through collaboration with INEOS FPS, thus ensuring that operational requirements were met.

The building was designed as being formed from a series of prefabricated steel modules, with gas-tight construction. Post blast gas-tight performance has been ensured through the design and installation of an innovative double-skin wall construction. The outer skin of this has been designed to deform under blast loading, whilst the inner skin provides a gas-tight seal. Resistance to thermal loading has been provided through the installation of proprietary insulation to the external faces of the building. IKM worked closely with the supplier of this specialist product to ensure that the building provides adequate protection against thermal hazards. The building also features proprietary blast and fire-resistant doors and windows, similarly, developed in conjunction with a specialist supplier.

On completion of the detailed design, IKM has provided support to INEOS FPS in the form of on-site technical assurance. This has extended to the inspection of fabricated steelwork prior to its acceptance and delivery.

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