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Waste Classification

The Challenge

IKM has helped a client with development rights to construct an energy storage project. A spoil heap required removal off-site before construction works in which IKM was instructed to collect soil samples from and prepare a waste classification report for the disposal of the spoil heap.

The Solution

IKM collected representative soil samples of the spoil heap and prepared a waste classification report in general accordance with SEPA guidance, Waste Classification: Guidance on the Classification and Assessment of Waste, WM3 V1.2GB to inform future offsite disposal routes. The key contaminants of concern were metals, TPH, PAH and asbestos. Based on a review of the soil results and HazWasteOnline reports, the waste soil material was classified for disposal to suitably licensed facilities.

The Outcome

The project has received good feedback from the general public on efficiency and professionalism. No records of pollution were recorded regarding water environment quality for the duration of the construction works and there were no complaints received regarding noise or air pollution.

All works were completed in a manner which allowed the protection of the local residents and wildlife while adhering to the construction program and complying with the time stipulations within the Marine Licence.

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