Battery Storage Environmental Baseline | Scotland, UK


Environmental baseline-study-BESS

The Challenge

IKM Consulting Ltd was requested by our client to undertake a Battery Storage Environmental Baseline in advance of construction of a proposed battery energy storage system (BESS) facility, located in Angus, Scotland. The proposed battery storage facility is located upon agricultural land currently used for
arable crops. The aim of the investigation was to confirm the baseline soil chemistry prior to development of the proposed battery storage facility.

The Solution

IKM confirmed the site history before designing and coordinating an intrusive ground investigation using exploratory trial pit locations on a non-targeted grid pattern.  Representative soil samples were collected from eight locations across the site which were subsequently scheduled for laboratory analysis.

The results of the laboratory testing and trial pitting will be used to inform the client of the existing baseline conditions prior to construction of the new battery storage facility. The client can now use this information as evidence as part of any future land transactions, and to inform liabilities.

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