Phase 1 Desk Study

What is Phase 1 Desk Study?

A Phase 1 Desk Study is the basis for creating a robust Site Investigation. Also sometimes referred to as a Preliminary Risk Assessment, the Desk Study is a critical component in developing a preliminary Conceptual Site Model (CSM) to identify potential pollutant linkages.

During the desk study process, we meticulously compile site-specific data, encompassing geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, site history, mining & quarrying, landfill & waste, any potential land contamination and regulatory concerns from entities like the Local Authority and the Environment Agency. This comprehensive approach enables our Geo-Environmental Consultants to construct a detailed environmental profile of the site. By identifying potential contamination sources, pathways, and receptors, we establish ‘pollutant linkages’—a prerequisite for further investigation (refer to our Phase II Site Investigations page).

Phase 1 Site Investigations can also help identify the anticipated ground conditions beneath proposed structures for geotechnical purposes.

What’s included in a Phase 1 Desk Study?