Phase 1 Desk Study

What is a Phase 1 Desk Study?

Phase 1 Desk Study is a literature-based review designed to assess the risk of land or groundwater contamination affecting end-users, such as house occupiers or workers, and the immediate environment.

A Phase 1 Study compiles relevant information from various sources about the site’s setting and historical uses. The result is an interpretive environmental report that includes a qualitative risk assessment and a conceptual site model. This model outlines potential sources of land and soil contamination, receptors, and pathways.

The Role of Contaminated Land Specialists

Contaminated land specialists play a crucial role in conducting comprehensive contaminated land surveys which involve gathering information from multiple sources. These sources often include Ordnance Survey maps, geological and groundwater vulnerability maps, aerial photographs, local and national archives, and registers held by regulatory agencies.

A site walkover, or land investigation, may be necessary to support the desk-based information. This walkover provides details about the current condition of the site and helps identify evidence of potential land contamination.

Phase 1 Desk Study

Conducting a Phase 1 Desk Study

When conducting a Phase 1 Desk Study, contaminated land specialists follow a systematic approach to ensure thoroughness and accuracy. The steps typically include:

  1. Information Gathering: Collecting data from various sources, such as historical maps, geological records, and environmental databases.
  2. Site Walkover: Performing a site visit to observe current conditions and identify any visible signs of contamination.
  3. Risk Assessment: Evaluating the potential risks posed by identified contaminants to human health and the environment.
  4. Conceptual Site Model: Developing a model that outlines the sources, pathways, and receptors of potential contamination.

Importance of a Phase 1 Desk Study

A Phase 1 Desk Study is an essential component of a contaminated land risk assessment. It helps determine the likelihood of contamination on a site and guides the need for further investigations or remediation measures. This study is often a prerequisite for planning applications and property transactions, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

At IKM Consulting, our contaminated land specialists are experienced in conducting Phase 1 Desk Studies. We provide detailed, interpretive environmental reports that meet regulatory standards and address the specific needs of our clients.

By performing a thorough contaminated land survey and risk assessment, we help ensure that potential contamination issues are identified and managed effectively, safeguarding both human health and the environment.

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