Hydrogen Consultants

Strategic Masterplanning for a Hydrogen-Centric Future

IKM offers strategic masterplanning services to shape a future where hydrogen takes center stage. Our masterplanning solutions integrate seamlessly into the broader energy landscape, ensuring sustainable, scalable, and future-proofed hydrogen distribution and storage networks.

Navigating the Regulatory Landscape with Expert Consents

Green Hydrogen will play a critical role in the energy transition and obtaining the necessary consents is crucial. Our team excels in navigating complex regulatory frameworks, securing the planning consents required for your projects. From initial planning to execution, we streamline the consent process by offering proactive advice to provide a clear path to your projects success.

Strategic Planning and Feasibility for Hydrogen Production

Our strategic services encompass Hydrogen planning and feasibility studies. We offer:

  • Regulatory Landscape Insight: Our experts navigate the intricate regulatory and environmental policy terrain, ensuring your initiatives align seamlessly with evolving industry standards.
  • Feasibility Studies: Leverage our expertise in conducting feasibility studies, encompassing both technical and economic analyses of your proposed plans. Our meticulous assessments guide decision-making, offering clarity on the viability and potential success of your hydrogen production projects.
Hydrogen Consultants
Hydrogen Consultants

Hydrogen Project Services

  • Pre-FEED/FEED (front-end engineering) services

  • Hydrogen Facility Siting

  • Environmental Due Diligence

  • Geotechnical Investigation & Design

  • Environmental Planning & Permitting

  • Topographical & Buried Utilities Surveys

  • Brownfield Site Investigation & Remediation

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Civil site development design including grading & drainage design

Multidisciplinary Hydrogen Consultants

“IKM Consulting first engaged with GreenPower Hydrogen in October 2022 and evidenced the skills, experience and technical capability to deliver our first green hydrogen scheme. Their multi-disciplinary team joined us on a learning journey which has resulted in an innovative scheme which we’re happy to have tested by Argyll and Bute Council while we map out our future steps towards commencement of construction and commissioning of Argyll Hydrogen Hub.” GreenPower

Technical Services

  • Civil & Structural Engineering

  • Turnaround & Contractor Villages

  • Compound & Facilities Design

  • Environmental Clerk of Works

  • Ecological Clerk of Works

  • Environmental Permitting, Licensing & Consents

  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)

  • Temporary Access Roads

  • Foundation Analysis & Design