Geotechnical Design for Critical Infrastructure

IKM News • Updated April 2024

Our geotechnical team has recently been helping a client make informed decisions when selecting appropriate foundations for critical new infrastructure.  Our team designed and supervised a targeted ground investigation to gather information needed to understand and assess ground-based project risk.  We prepared a Geotechnical Design Report (GDR) which included a detailed interpretation of the ground conditions and nominated viable foundation solutions for various structures based on loading information provided by the client. This also included meeting strict settlement criteria.

Due to spatial restrictions in many areas, and the presence of adjacent vibration sensitive live equipment, an innovative self-drilling hollow bar grouted micropile solution and sectional flight auger (SFA) piles were recommended for the heaviest loaded structures.  Our team developed a preliminary pile design including a programme of test piles which confirmed that the proposed pile types were suitable for use in the challenging layered sequence of very soft alluvial soils.  To help determine final pile depths, we produced contour plots to show how the top level of each soil layer varied across the site, this was found to be an excellent supplement to the more typical exploratory hole cross sections.

We take pride in the compliments received for our thorough investigation, detailed design, and responsive pragmatic support throughout the project lifecycle. Empowering clients with the knowledge and solutions to make informed decisions and manage their risk is critical to creating long-standing relationships, and we’re delighted to say we’ve been serving this client for more than 25 years!

If you’re looking for geotechnical advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to learn how our expertise can benefit your next project. #geotechnicalengineering #groundinvestigation #geotechnicaldesign #groundconditions


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