Drone & Aerial Surveys

drone aerial survey

Our team are qualified to fly commercial drones to CAA Standards and offer a range of drone and aerial surveying services. UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) surveying offers our clients the opportunity to reach inaccessible areas, tall structures, hazardous and large scale project sites.  We use the latest drone technology to provide a wide range of drone surveys and inspections.

Drone & aerial surveys can be conducted without having to close down plant or infrastructure meaning a reduction in costs for our clients.

IKM’s team are able to provide aerial surveying solutions to clients within regulated industries including chemical manufacturing, oil and gas, marine structures, and railway lines.

Applications & Services

  • Inspection Surveys

  • Defect Reporting

  • Asset Management Surveys

  • Environmental Monitoring Surveys

  • Volumetric Analysis Surveys

  • Thermal imaging surveys


Drone inspections and surveys of tall structures, pipelines and large geographical areas are safer and more cost effective when using Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). IKM Surveying have deployed this technology to complete site impermeability studies and confined space inspections. Remote access inspections and aerial mapping provide inspection information in less time than traditional methods and are cost effective when appropriately planned with risk assessments.