Demolition & Asset Clearance

IKM uses an integrated approach to asset clearance and demolition of chemical assets to remove risk and incorporate Inherently Safer Design. Our process helps clients to make informed decisions and drives an approach that avoids or eliminates hazards at source, to reduce the magnitude, severity or likelihood of occurrence by the careful attention to the fundamental design and layout.

We have worked with a wide range of clients and contractors on clearance and demolition projects, with the principle aim of adding value to the process. Key areas where we have made a material difference has been:

Demolition Engineers
  • Safety remains paramount and particularly so on chemical plants where additional hazard factors are present
  • Demolition of complex structures is potentially very hazardous, with the risk of explosion from dust residue or trapped gases
  • Prevention of initiating collapse during demolition and stripping out process
  • Prevention of falls from height
Demolition & Asset Clearance

Demolition | Dismantling | Site Clearance

  • Contamination assessment
  • Structural assessment
  • Risk assessment to public
  • Risk assessment to services
  • Environmental assessment
  • Occupational health
demolition-and-asset-clearance engineers
  • Method statements
  • Pre-weakening calculations
  • Preparing tender documents
  • Preparing hazard matrices
  • Site investigations – structural and  vulnerability assessments

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