Contaminated Land Investigation Process

IKM News • Updated May 2024

Our Geoenvironmental team is sharing insights into IKM’s approach to investigating contaminated land, a vital aspect of our commitment to remediating brownfield developments.

👉Investigation Process: Our team employs a rigorous investigation process to assess and mitigate environmental risks associated with contaminated land. From initial site assessment to comprehensive sampling and analysis, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring a thorough understanding of site conditions.

👉Conceptual Site Modelling: Central to our approach is the use of conceptual site modelling, a powerful tool that enables us to visualise and analyse complex environmental data. By integrating geospatial information, hydrogeological parameters, and contaminant distributions, we gain invaluable insights into the extent and concentrations of contamination on derelict and brownfield sites.

👉Environmental Stewardship: Beyond regulatory compliance, our goal is to drive positive environmental outcomes through our work. By identifying contamination sources, evaluating potential impacts, and recommending sustainable remediation strategies, we empower our clients to safeguard human health and the natural environment.

👉Unlocking Potential: By remediating derelict and brownfield sites for development, we contribute to the conservation of precious greenbelt areas and help curb urban sprawl. This dual approach fosters sustainable growth while preserving vital natural landscapes for future generations.

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