Conceptual Site Model (CSM)

IKM News • Updated August 2023

Our contaminated land team are using 2D & 3D modelling visualisation to create conceptual site models to illustrate and manage our clients’ environmental risk and to help them understand:

? historical contamination sources relative to existing site conditions and proposed development
? site geology and ground models
? surface contouring
? geospatial distribution and migration pathways of subsurface contamination
? distribution of contaminant or chemical concentrations
? groundwater table elevations and flow direction

Data can be obtained from licenced and open-source formats, in addition to site investigation information such as monitoring boreholes and laboratory results. This allows sites to be considered in greater detail and to produce comprehensive conceptual site models (CSMs) to allow stakeholders to make informed decisions about possible risks and short & long-term remediation strategies.
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