COMAH Compliance Consultants

Our integrated team of ecologists, geologists, and hydrogeologists have extensive experience of COMAH compliance carrying out Environmental Risk Assessments (ERA) and cost-benefit assessments in line with the CDOIF guidelines, assisting in Safety Case renewals/ updates, and also as part of preconstruction Safety Case submissions.

In support of the CDOIF process, we have designed and led numerous detailed quantitative assessments.


  • Bund Permeability Testing

  • Below Ground Oil Migration Modelling

  • Bund Capacity

  • Hydrostatic Bund Strength Assessments

  • Catastrophic Tank Failure

  • Hydrodynamic Bund Strength & Overtopping

  • Tertiary Containment Assessments

  • 3D Storage Tank Surveys

COMAH Consultants

Site Visit & Data Capture

Our multidiscipline teams have a wealth of experience and detailed understanding of COMAH regulations.  We’ll conduct a thorough examination of the site setting and make recommendations for ensuring your asset is compliant.  Our 3D laser scanning team can capture vast amounts of data in a short period of time for further analysis by our Fire, Blast & Gas teams.

CDOIF Guidelines

Hazardous Identification

Once our team have reviewed and assessed the data gathered, we’ll identify relevant hazards associated with storing large volumes of hazardous materials including:

Environmental Risk Assessments (ERA)

Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment

Once the relevant hazards have been identified, our team undertake a hazard analysis and risk assessment including services related to:

  • Fire Hazard Analysis
  • Flammable and Toxic Gas Dispersion Modelling
  • DSEAR Assessments
  • Catastrophic Tank Failure Modelling
  • Major Accident Hazard (MAH) Risk Analysis
  • Non Linear, Dynamic Time History Analysis
  • Heat Transfer, Ventilation & Smoke Movement Analysis
  • Secondary Containment Assessment
  • Tertiary Containment Assessment
  • CDOIF Environmental Risk Assessments (ERA)
  • Hazardous Substances Consent

& Training

IKM’s multidiscipline teams work collectively to provide a portfolio of solutions for COMAH safety reports.  We have experienced specialists who can help with:

  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Bespoke Design Engineering Mitigation
  • Training Videos & Process Safety Awareness

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