Coal Mining Risk Assessment

If you’re undertaking a construction or development project it’s crucial to be aware of the potential requirement for a Coal Mining Risk Assessment (CMRA) imposed by the local authority. The Coal Authority are a consultee for planning applications in areas with a history of coal mining, and often mandates this assessment as a planning condition. IKM’s geotechnical team can assist in navigating the CMRA process to ensure compliance and successful project approval.

What’s involved in producing a CMRA in Scotland?

Our Process

  • Conduct a desk study/preliminary risk assessment
  • Obtain historical records on the potential coal mining history of the area
  • Work with the Coal Authority
  • Design a tailored Ground Investigation
  • Undertake Ground Modelling
  • Design cost-effective solutions for your site

Initial Assessment of Coal Mining Risk

Often undertaken as part of a Phase 1 Desk Study/Preliminary Risk Assessment, our team will gather evidence by reviewing published and unpublished sources from the Coal Authority to consider the impact of all mineral extractions and provide guidance where required.

Mining Risk Assessment

Our Geotechnical team carry out a Mining Risk Assessments in accordance with Coal Authority Guidelines.  Our reports are suitable for submission alongside planning permission.

Mineral Stability Assessment

For larger or more complex sites, a Mineral Stability Assessment may be required to determine the risk to the proposed development, and suggest mitigation and design options for remediation (if required). This may include intrusive and non-intrusive ground investigation.