Chemicals Engineering & Environmental Consultants

Our Chemical Engineering and Environmental consultants have twenty-five years of experience in Scotland and the UK. Our roots trace back to industrial and commercial projects in the chemicals sector, and our extensive experience in high-hazard environments means that our teams understand the requirements of managing client risk and providing solutions to ensure operational integrity.

IKM’s multidisciplinary team is dedicated to supporting clients on the transformative journey to net zero. We specialize in delivering sustainable solutions that align with the evolving demands of the industry.

IKM Engineering & Environmental Consultants

Chemicals Project Delivery Capabilities

Energy Transition

IKM is helping our clients to reshape the future of the chemicals sector through decarbonization strategies and sustainable engineering and environmental design strategies.  We excel in transforming operational footprints to meet the highest environmental standards. We collaborate with clients to implement measures that drive efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance overall sustainability to achieve your business performance goals.

Technical Services

  • Civil & Structural Engineering

  • Turnaround & Contractor Villages

  • Occupied Building Risk Assessments

  • Swept Path Analysis

  • Security, CCTV & Fencing