Built Environment Consultants

As consultants for the build environment, IKM are helping clients in the face of an increasingly complex global landscape marked by climate change, economic constraints, and a biodiversity crisis.  Our engineering and environmental teams are addressing these challenges with innovation and a commitment to sustainability.  We are dedicated to assisting our clients in confronting and overcoming these environmental challenges.

Experience-Driven Impact

Drawing from our wealth of experience, we recognize that even the smallest projects can wield significant influence, while the grandest strategies demand a meticulous understanding of implementation. Our team is structured to provide advice ranging from environmental site assessments and appraisals to remediation design and stakeholder liaison. We apply our profound insights into the planning, design, and development process to ensure the successful outcomes of our endeavors.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Sustainable Outcomes

Our commitment to collaboration across disciplines places us in an optimal position to assist with complex development challenges.  We can add value through collaboration to help create sustainable programme designs.

Join us on this journey where environmental and engineering challenges are met with expertise, innovation, and a profound dedication to sustainability. At IKM Consulting, we go beyond addressing challenges; we shape solutions that positively impact our world.

Built Environment Consultant Project Services

  • Geotechnical Investigation & Design

  • Environmental Planning & Permitting

  • Topographical & Buried Utilities Surveys

  • Brownfield Site Investigation & Remediation

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Noise Assessments

  • Drainage & SuDS Design

  • Civil site development design including grading & drainage design

  • Construction support and oversight services

Development Project Support

We offer a comprehensive suite of environmental, geotechnical and civil structural engineering support for projects of all sizes. Our services include feasibility studies, environmental statements and impact assessments, masterplanning and technical reports, condition purification and more. Our multidisciplinary team excel in fulfilling technical requirements for your project.

Technical Services

  • Civil & Structural Engineering

  • Turnaround & Contractor Villages

  • Compound & Facilities Design

  • Environmental Clerk of Works

  • Ecological Clerk of Works

  • Environmental Permitting, Licensing & Consents

  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)

  • Temporary Access Roads

  • Foundation Analysis & Design