Buildings & Blast Resistant Structures

Industrial Building Design

IKM has decades of experience and has carried out the design of industrial buildings for uses such as:

  • Control rooms
  • Forward Operating Buildings (FOBs)
  • Office & Welfare Facilities
  • Amenities buildings
  • Workshops & Stores
  • Onshore Substation Design
  • TAR & Contractor Villages
Blast Resistant Building Design

Blast Resistant Buildings

The IKM specialist structures team has extensive experience in the design of new build blast resistant buildings and modular blast resistant buildings. We can provide a full suite of Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing and Human Factors design through our network of strategic partners.

We have experience in the assessment and upgrade of existing buildings for fire/blast events and can inspect, measure, model and report existing building performance against a range of scenarios. We can also recommend and design upgrades to mitigate the risk to the building’s occupants and have worked with many top-tier COMAH sites to undertake Occupied Building Risk Assessments (OBRAs) and site wide mitigation strategies to ensure all aspects of risk management are considered including temporary buildings within blast envelopes.  Our team are SER Certifiers for building works or alterations requiring building warrants.

  • Finite Element (FE) based design and non-linear time history analysis

  • Design of holding down systems against blast loading including embedded steel frames to stabilise single module installations

  • Design of lifting points, weight control and specification of lifting equipment

  • Provision of a Designer’s Risk Assessment

  • Design of blast resistant doors including locking mechanism, hinges & bearing frames

  • 3rd party review of door, window and other non-structural designs

  • Consequence analysis for blast, thermal and toxic hazards

  • Production of a technical specification/user guide for issue to client technical authorities

Modular Blast Resistant Temporary Building
Blast Resistant Building (BRB)

The blast resistant offices, welfare facilities, control rooms, security, and gatehouses designed by our teams are fit for purpose as defined by your unique needs.  Whether you require permanent building structures or temporary and modular blast resistant buildings used for shutdowns, our teams will work collaboratively to ensure the safety of building occupants.

All buildings are engineered in accordance with the following best practice guidelines:

ASCE – Design of blast resistant buildings in petrochemical facilities;

API 752 (2009 edition) – Management of hazards associated with location of process plant permanent buildings;

API 753 (2007 edition) – Management of hazards associated with location of process plant portable buildings;

CIA – The guidance for the location & design of occupied buildings on chemical manufacturing sites (2010 edition).

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