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Bat Conservation Trust -Updates

IKM News • Updated January 2024

Following the launch of the 4th Edition of the Good Practice Guidelines by the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT), we spoke to Carolyn Drane, our Senior Ecologist, to find out more about the key changes and how these may impact your project.

The top three amendments to the guidelines are:

  • Emergence surveys are now required to be at least three weeks apart, rather than two, creating an increase in the programme required for surveys
  • The use of infra-red cameras and night vision aids is now expected for all surveys (structures and trees) – IKM has been adopting this approach since the 2023 survey season and are well equipped to meet this requirement
  • There has been a clear movement away from the previous methods used to classify the potential significance of bats in trees – meaning greater survey effort is required, with consideration given to the surrounding landscape as well as the presence of individual/multiple bats

The ecology team at IKM are well-versed in the new guidelines and are available to help you understand the implications to your project and keep you on track.

Don’t wait till the Spring to find out you’ve got bats. Get in touch now. Contact Gillian or Carolyn for more information.


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