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                                                           IKM have a 20 year legacy of innovation in
                                                          Scotland and the UK.  Our service portfolio
                                                            sets us apart, providing a unique blend to
                                                          our expert skillset.  Our roots can be traced
                                                          back to industrial and commercial projects
                                                                       in Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals.

                                                             Each colour within our logo represents a
                                                           unique service within our overall portfolio,
                                                              blended to denote the strength derived
                                                              from working within a multi-disciplinary

                                                        team.  Representative of our success, it now
                                                            encompasses not only our achievements
                                                                 & leadership, but the customer focus
                                                               and innovation applied throughout this
                                             +10,000                                  longstanding history.

                                                                                   DELIVERING DISTINCTION
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