Page 15 - IKM Corporate Brochure
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IKM’s Building Services engineers are
                                                                passionate about their ability to influence
                                                           both the internal & environmental impact of a
                                                                                        building or structure.

                                                              We specialise in providing comprehensive,
                                                                      cost effective, low energy compliant
                                                            solutions. Our team has a particular focus on
                                                             high integrity building design, incorporating
                                   “The input from                   blast and thermally resistant building
                               IKM formed an essential                           envelopes where required.
                               component in the design
                               process resulting in the        We provide expertise on design, technical
                               delivery of a high quality,   audits, implementation and management of
                             sustainable building design.”   all aspects of building services engineering.

                               Strategic Projects Head,
                                         HIE                                       DELIVERING DISTINCTION
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