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Great news has emerged from the UK Rail Industry. Network Rail has recently approved the use of Radiodetection© equipment trackside.

IKM has been using Radiodetection© equipment for many years now as we believe that their Cable Avoidance Tools and Ground Penetrating Radar are second to none when looking for accurate and precise location of underground utilities.

IKM is always looking for the latest technological advancements to help our clients avoid;

  • Costly Service Strikes
  • Re-design due to unknown Service location
  • Health & Safety Executive investigations
  • Risk of injury or death

The detection of subsurface infrastructure is vital to starting a project off in a safe and cost-effective manner. We can help with project planning and as we comply with PAS 128:2014 you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with IKM Consulting. IKM provide Real time & Post processing as well as topographical surveying to save our clients cost and time on site.

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